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Restorative Dentistry and Prosthetics

Restorative dentistry has a single objective: to keep your teeth in your mouth for the longest possible time. Preventive examinations form the main pillar of restorative dentistry. Preventive examinations by a dentist are a very important step and the basic prerequisite for the preservation of tooth health. You should undergo a dental examination about once every six months. In our Dental Centre, these preventive examinations are covered by public health insurance.

Our Onedent Dental Centre places great emphasis on micro-invasive preparation. The gentlest and most minimal tooth preparation as part of caries removal or tooth grinding in preparation for dental prosthetics (veneer, crown or bridge) forms an integral part of micro-invasive dentistry. That is why at our Dental Centre, we always remove caries under local anaesthesia with the help of micro-drills under microscopic control or with the use of magnifying glasses with the needed magnification.

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