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MDDr. Daniela Kulihová


Palacký University in Olomouc

MDDr. Daniela Kulihová was born in Šumperk and graduated from the Faculty of Medicine at Palacký University of Olomouc in dentistry in 2014. In the course of her studies she attended various professional courses and lectures delivered by the leading Czech experts in dentistry. She began her professional career in the dental surgery of PremiumDent in Hradec Králové, and in 2016 she became a dentist at the DentMode Clinic in Dvůr Králové nad Labem.


Congresses and lectures

2019 Dental Summit
2017Photographing for PZL I. (MUDr Martin Tomeček)
2016Aesthetic reconstructions of the frontal teeth, Inspiro (MUDr. Radoslav Lacina)
2015Endodontics– Hands on course
2015Back to basic rules (Dr. Gianfranco Politano)
2015Composite in frontal denture (MUDr. Daniel Svoboda)
2015 Propedeutics of post-endodontic treatment (MUDr. Ladislav Gregor)
2015Adhesive propedeutics (MUDr. Ladislav Gregor)
2014Think Smart, Curaprox kongres, Olomouc


2014EndoCamp (MUDr. Jiří Škrdlant)
2013Removable prosthetics from A to Z (MUDr. Radek Mounajjed, Ph.D. MUDr. Jiří Nožička, MUDr. Josef Kunkela)
2013Endodontics- free lecture (MUDr. Daniel Černý)
2013Periodontics from A to Z (MUDr. Streblov)
2013Dental Summit
2013Paediatric dentistry (MUDr. Katarína Cyprichová)
2013Prosthetics – free lecture (Ph.D. MUDr. Jiří Nožička)
2012Prague Dental Days
2012Cofferdam and apex locator, practical course (MUDr. Martin Kapitán)


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