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Dental Hygiene

Everybody wants a bright and shiny smile and above all healthy teeth. This is exactly what you can achieve by periodic preventive visits to a dental surgery and to a dental hygienist. Book a date with us and give your teeth the correct and highest quality of care.

We place a great amount of emphasis on prevention when caring for our patients. Prevention as we understand it includes not only periodic preventive examinations at the dentist, but also regular visits to a dental hygienist. High-standard dental hygiene, in both professional and home environments, is able to prevent unpleasant problems in the oral cavity. Even careful tooth cleaning with a dental brush only removes a max. 50% of dental plaque. That is why professional dental hygiene is necessary for all those who want healthy teeth.

Our dental hygienists will teach you correct teeth brushing techniques, help you choose individual aids you need for taking care of your teeth at home (for example, the correct size of interdental brushes), and remove your dental plaque and pigmentation.

When selecting the instrumentation for dental hygiene, we chose the best options available on the market without the slightest hesitation. We use an all-in-one ultrasonic and airflow system (Air Flow Master Piezon) designed for supragingival (over gum) and subgingival (under gum) dental plaque removal, pigmentation elimination and tooth polishing. Treatment with this instrument is absolutely gentle, most precise and completely painless, thanks to which we are able to provide the best possible care to our patients.

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