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MDDr. Petr Příkazský


Aesthetics | Prosthetics | Endodontics

Faculty of Medicine, Charles University, specialisation in dentistry

MDDr. Petr Příkazský graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, Charles University in Hradec Králové, in 2014. In the same year he started his professional career at the Onedent Dental Centre. He also obtained his undergraduate professional experience with leading Czech experts in dentistry. In addition to standard congress attendance, Dr Příkazský continuously learns, extends his knowledge and develops his professional skills. He has mastered state-of-the-art dental technology and specialises in microscopic endodontics, prosthetics and aesthetic and restorative dentistry.

His hobbies include running and his free time belongs to his young son and his wife.

Professional experience

Petr Příkazský obtained his undergraduate practical experience through experience with leading Czech experts in dentistry in Hradec Králové, Brno and other cities. His specialisations mainly include restorative and aesthetic dentistry. In addition to his practical experience and scholarship in the course of his studies, he has also attended a number of professional conferences and other events to extend his knowledge beyond standard university studies (Dental Summit, Sazamův den (Sazam’s Day), PDD). He has mastered state-of-the-art dental technology.


Dental Summit 2011

Dental Summit 2012

Dental Summit 2013

PDD 2013

PDD 2012

6th annual congress of the Czech Academy of Dental Aesthetics 2013

6th annual congress of the Czech Endodontic Society 2014

8th Congress of the Czech Endodontic Society 2016

10th Congress of the Czech Endodontic Society 2018

Sazamův den 2011

Sazamův den 2012

Sazamův den 2013


Professional experience and lectures

2019BrnoAn easier way to better practice II, Young Dentist
2018BrnoInterceptive treatment of tooth wear
2018ZnojmoDental Degustation
2017Hradec Králové HDVI - Endodontic Workshop
2017Hradec KrálovéHDVI - Endodontics
2017KrkonošeDental Days in Krkonoše
2017OstravaModern occlusion and function as the basis of extensive reconstructions and accurate fixed prosthetics
2017Bratislava1st Congress of the Slovak Endodontic Society
2016Frankfurt6. Jahrestagung der DGET – Congress of the German Endodontic Society
2016BrnoItalian Endo Show - MUDr. Milan Lehotský
2016BrnoPhotographing for PZL1 and PZL2 - MUDr. Martin Tomeček


2016BrnoPropedeutics of post-endodontic treatment- MUDr. Ladislav Gregor
2016BrnoAdhesive propedeutics - MUDr. Ladislav Gregor
2015BrnoEndocamp Sedmihorky - MUDr. Jiří Škrdlant
2015BrnoRemovable prosthetics 1- MUDr. Daniel Černý
2015BrnoFixed prosthetics 1 - Radek Mounajjed
2014BrnoIndirect composite onlays - MUDr. Svoboda, MUDr. Vojík
2014BrnoFixed prosthetics - Radek Mounajjed
2013BrnoTooth bleaching - in surgery vs. at home- MUDr. Zvolánek
2013BrnoHigh-standard endodontics for everybody, Navigator, Medin system - MUDr. Prouza
2013BrnoEndodontics - Daniel Černý
2012BrnoBasics of fixed prosthetics - Jiří Nožička
2012BrnoComposite materials- Daniel Černý
2012BrnoBulk fill composites - MUDr. Zvolánek


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